Dining Options

The morning dive has awakened a ravenous appetite. Weaving through the trunks of coconut palms comes the now familiar sound of lali drums, letting you know that lunch is served.

At The Wakaya Club & Spa, you may choose the intimacy of a table for two, or the company of friends at a larger table. Evening after evening, the options are wide open. While many Fijian resorts have a communal table, your privacy is sacred at The Wakaya Club & Spa and seating is arranged according to your wishes.

Breakfast and lunch are served on the deck overlooking the lagoon, in the Palm Grove Restaurant or in yourbure, as you wish. Dinner is served in the Palm Grove Restaurant, a majestic structure with its 60-foot cathedral ceiling.


Just imagine: at your whim, you can be taken to a private and secluded beach where you find everything set for the most romantic picnic on the planet. We leave you and your partner with a picnic basket overflowing with the wines and delicacies of your choice, plus a two-way radio to be used when you are ready to beckon us for transport back to the Club. Alternatively, we offer group picnic outings for you and your friends, which comprise a barbecue lunch with musical accompaniment by our staff.

Room Service

Room service is always an option and our staff prides itself on making the occasion one of elegant dining with meticulous attention to presentation and service.


Wherever and whenever you choose, we invite you to take pleasure in the finest cuisine in the South Pacific. For a taste of Wakaya’s menus, please click here.