Wakaya Cuisine: Philosophy
The Chefs at The Wakaya Club & Spa aim to heighten the pleasure of dining.

On Wakaya Island, the notion of locally grown, organic produce is a “given”. As you are driven from the Wakaya Island Airstrip towards The Wakaya Club & Spa, you will notice an abundance of lush gardens and groves.

Our kitchen specializes in Pacific Rim fare, inspired by the Island’s plentiful resources, including locally raised venison, pork, lamb, chickens and their freshly laid eggs, Muscovy ducks and their eggs!

Our Seafood is drawn from the Koro Sea. Pacific green lobster, shrimp, mangrove crab, tuna, wahoo, walu and mahimahi feature on the daily changing menus.

Our organic gardens produce micro-greens, herbs, several varieties of lettuce, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, avacados, kumquats, limes, lemons, pineapples, papayas, soursop, guava and Fijian ginger – which is renowned as the best ginger in the world! Our breakfast preserves are homemade, for the “icing on the cake”.

Our Chefs are adept at catering to your dietary requirements, whatever they may be. So if there is something you particularly like, or conversely need or wish to avoid, we can accommodate you, without compromising flavor or presentation of your meal.

We are an “all-inclusive” resort, thus the cost of your meals and beverages of choice, are included in the per diem cost of your stay with us.

In addition to our own Chefs, The Wakaya Club & Spa has an International Guest Chef Program, that has eventuated in several highly acclaimed chefs spending a sojourn in our state of the art kitchen.

Some of the chefs who have participated in this program are:
- Nobu, the eponymous Japanese Chef and Restaurateur
- Matthew Crabbe of Tokyo
- Masa Takayama, of Restaurant Masa and Bar Masa of New York City
- Charlie Trotter, of Chicago
- Grant MacPherson of Las Vegas

For more on our International Guest Chef program, please click here.

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“The food is superb—and occasionally surprising. Who, for example, would have imagined local venison, lean and pungent? The stir-fry of fresh mangrove crab with caramelized palm sugar and chili accompanied by a bottle of the private stock of Greg Norman Estates Shiraz makes for a perfect meal.”
— Departures Magazine
7:10 pm
Thursday, April 24th