General Travel Tips & Information

The tug of the moon, the rising tide. The imperceptible journey of the sun. Time doesn’t slow down on Wakaya, you do.

The following information will help you learn more about our island and what you can expect when you visit this exclusive hideaway in the South Pacific.

Travel Documentation

The Fiji Government requires all visitors to have a valid passport and a ticket for return or onward travel. Visitors from the United States require a passport valid for at least six months beyond the dates of your trip. Visitors from most other countries will need a passport valid for at least three months beyond the intended period of stay.

Fiji Islands Time Zone

When traveling west to the Fiji Islands, visitors cross the International Date Line and, thus, “lose a day.” Fiji operates on Greenwich Mean Time plus twelve hours. For example, when it is 9 a.m. Monday in Fiji, it is:

9 a.m. Monday in Auckland
7 a.m. Monday in Sydney
6 a.m. Monday in Tokyo
10 p.m. Sunday in Frankfurt
9 p.m. Sunday in London
4 p.m. Sunday in New York
2 p.m. Sunday in Los Angeles

When your country is observing daylight saving, add one hour to the above listed times.

Resort Communications

To shelter you from the noise and chatter of the outside world, the Ocean View Bures are not equipped with telephones or televisions. There is, however, an intercom to order room service or spa treatments, to schedule activities, or in case of emergencies. Each bure is equipped with wireless Internet access and an iPod connection for your convenience. Governor’s Bure feature a TV/DVD player. Ambassador’s Bure and Vale’O feature a TV/DVD and satellite TV.

Communication services are available at the Reception Bure, including a private telephone room, fax and high-speed Internet access. GSM-enabled cell phones also operate on Wakaya. (Please note that “international roaming” capability must be arranged through your local service provider prior to departing your country of origin.)

Rumu Lagilagi, Wakaya’s Recreation Bure, offers 13 television channels that include FNC and CNN.

You may be reached at The Wakaya Club & Spa as follows:

Telephone + 679-3448-128
Facsimile + 679-3448-406
E-mail [email protected]


The Fiji Islands are blessed with a mild tropical climate throughout the year with sea breezes to keep you comfortable. Average daily Fahrenheit temperatures range from the low 70s to the high 80s. All of our accommodations have ceiling fans as well as air conditioning.


The Wakaya Club & Spa specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine featuring locally caught seafood and game and fresh organic produce served on an outdoor terrace or in the Palm Grove Restaurant, a beautiful, traditional Fijian structure. Seating is arranged according to your wishes: couples can enjoy the privacy of a table for two, or guests can request a table together. The choice is entirely yours.

In addition, we offer room service in your bure and private beach picnics as a way of recognizing and appreciating our guests’ desire for intimacy.

Laundry Service

Daily laundry service is available throughout your stay. Items will be laundered, pressed and returned to you as soon as possible (at no charge). Please take care not to include silks or other delicate fabrics as we do not provide dry cleaning.


The Wakaya Club & Spa is known for its casually elegant atmosphere. Resort wear, shorts, bathing suits and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable for daytime.

Breakfast and lunch are served al fresco on the terrace overlooking the lagoon, weather permitting. If you choose to wear bathing suits to these meals, we ask that you please cover up with a wrap or sarong.

During the evenings, most guests choose to dress in casual but smart attire. Sundresses, sarongs or skirts are suitable for women. Trousers or shorts with polo shirts or tropical print shirts are appropriate attire for men. Jackets and ties are never required. Sandals are appropriate at any time.

If you plan on hiking, jogging or golfing, please bring athletic shoes. You may also want to bring aquatic shoes for water activities.

11:00am Sunday morning service at the Village Church is one of the highlights of the Wakaya experience. The local village choir is inspirational. We ask that you respect local custom and avoid wearing revealing clothing while visiting the church.

Water and Electrical Power

Wakaya Island has its own water purification facility. It provides superior quality tap water at all times, and bottled water is also available throughout the resort.

Electrical generators on the island provide 240 volt AC. For your convenience, both his & her vanities in the guest bures are equipped with 240 volt hair dryers. Transformers and adapters are available at the Reception Bure so that you can convert and use any 110 volt appliance elsewhere in your accommodation.

Medical Situations and Emergencies

Each guest accommodation contains a first-aid kit complete with basic supplies. While guestbures are not equipped with telephones, there is an intercom available in each accommodation to call for help, order Spa treatments or Room Service. The island has a first-aid Nurse’s Station in the Village. We have a number of defibrillators located throughout the resort (in case of cardiac emergencies). Telephone consultations are easily arranged with a physician on the mainland.

For emergency situations, hospital care can be reached by aircraft.

Fiji is free of most tropical diseases such as malaria. No vaccinations are required for visits to Fiji.
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