Wakaya was born in a shower of fire 4 million years ago.

Wakaya island is endowed with a gentle climate, pure water, and a diverse topography of cliffs, forests, beaches and lagoons.

This exquisite and pristine ecosystem includes:

  • Cycads, ferns and banyans as old as history
  • Pilot whales cruising through the west passage
  • Scarlet kula birds nibbling at the coconut flowers
  • Fish traps older than memory, their stony arms reaching into the sea
  • Pineapples, bananas, papayas, ripened in the sun before being picked
  • The heady scent of frangipani and ginger mingled with ocean air
  • Flamboyant trees with blossoms like red flames at Christmas time
  • A blue lagoon embraced by a barrier reef, blooming with marine life
  • Hawksbill and Pacific Green turtles, returning annually to lay their eggs on Homestead beach

This is Wakaya, a microcosm of the South Pacific in its most idyllic form.