A long tradition of giving back to the community.

David and Jill Gilmour have a long history of participating in philanthropic activities, and through their private foundation, The David and Jillian Gilmour Foundation, they have given grants to numerous deserving organizations in Fiji and throughout the world. The primary focus of their philanthropic activity is on education, and children are the main beneficiaries.

Philanthropic Activities in Fiji

The Gilmours have worked through their Foundation to build 6 kindergartens throughout Fiji. They are committed to providing a strong educational foundation for the children of Fiji, and they believe that a lifelong commitment to education starts at a very young age.

“With the schools we have built, we are investing in the children of Fiji and the future of this magnificent country,” said David Gilmour. “We believe that with a solid educational foundation, there is no limit to what these children will be able to achieve.”

In 2008, the Gilmours added the Fiji Society for the Blind (FBS) to their list of worthy organizations supported by their foundation. The primary recipient for the funds donated to FBS is the Fiji School for the Blind in Vatuwaqa where the school hostel houses around 45 visually impaired students. David Gilmour said, “I visited the school and noticed that one of their very best initiatives must get our help.” Consequently, Mr. Gilmour helped raise money for the school and then doubled the amount raised through a gift from their foundation.

In addition to the above endeavors, through the generosity of the Gilmours, every employee at the Wakaya Club & Spa is able to send his/her children to the elementary school on the island free of charge. The local school was built by the Gilmours in 2006 and is one of the six elementary schools throughout Fiji that they have built. Students at Wakaya’s elementary school receive the very best education available anywhere in Fiji, and children of the resort’s employees are also eligible to attend boarding school on the mainland of Fiji through scholarships provided by the Gilmours.

Philanthropic Activities in the United States

In addition to their philanthropic endeavors towards the children of Fiji, the Gilmours have been major donors to the Andre Agassi Foundation, which provides educational and recreational opportunities to enhance the character, self-esteem and career possibilities of at-risk boys and girls. Through their foundation, the Gilmours have contributed $1 million towards the David Gilmour Kindergarten Wing at Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, a public charter school in Las Vegas, NV that offers academic programs that enhance a child’s character, respect, motivation and self-discipline while imparting the skills and knowledge children need to prepare for college. The school is located in the heart of Las Vegas’ most at-risk neighborhood.

The Gilmours have also provided a grant of $1 million for construction of the David and Jillian Gilmour Early Education facility for Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc. (EES). EES is a visionary leader in providing early childhood educational services and has been serving low-income working families of San Diego County since 1979. EES currently serves over 950 families at 17 locations in San Diego County. EES’s mission is to provide a unique and affordable child development program designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, and educational needs of the individual child, as it strengthens and preserves the family and all who influence the life of the child. The newest EES Campus named for the Gilmours will expand the organizations programs and abilities to meet the needs of the members of the community.