Vision and Mission

Where those who have it all go to get away from it all.

On Wakaya, David and Jill Gilmour have created a small eco-friendly resort that offers guests an experience of renewal and discovery through a luxurious vacation in one of the last unspoiled corners of the world. In doing so, the Gilmours have set a new standard for tourism as the foundation for ecologically sound economic development that contributes to the quality of life for the people of Fiji.

“I spent my youth traveling the world and watching the last best places be consumed by commerce and tourism. Wakaya is a treasure. It remained uninhabited for 140 years until we purchased the island in 1973. In 1990, we opened The Wakaya Club & Spa as a small, private exclusive resort that offers an extraordinary vacation experience to a handful of guests.

In the long process of imagining and creating The Wakaya Club & Spa, we have realized a shared dream to protect a pristine tropical habitat while setting a new standard in travel hospitality: primordial beauty as few have seen it, paired with consummate indulgence enhanced by the warmth and civility of the Fijian people, something you must experience to believe. I believe Wakaya to be the last bastion of ecological sanctity in the world, and I have made it a personal mission to make certain it remains that way.”

David H. Gilmour, O.F.
Jill Gilmour

Please click here to learn more about David Gilmour, Wakaya’s Founder and Owner.

The Wakaya Club & Spa Vision

  • To provide our guests with the most complete resort experience imaginable, fulfilling their every desire;
  • To be known for our friendly, unobtrusive service;
  • To be renowned as a bastion of ecological sanctity where sound environmental practices and the preservation of Fijian culture are highly valued as well as implemented;
  • To make a difference in the Fiji Islands through responsible world-class tourism and philanthropy directed at building better lives for today’s children.