Omega 3 and Turmeric Capsules
Wakaya Omega 3 and Turmeric
Omega 3 and Turmeric Capsules
Wakaya Omega 3 and Turmeric

Organic Omega 3 & Turmeric Capsules (75 CT | 250 MG)

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The best natural medicines are harvested in distinct parts of the world. We at Wakaya have integrated two of these such medicines, in the combination of our organic Fijian turmeric, with rare organic Omega 3 Norwegian cod liver oil. Organic turmeric soothes inflammation in the body, whilst organic omega 3 fatty acids improves heart function, brain function, and metabolic function. This unification of truly unique top end wellness products creates a supplement masterfully designed to improve and maintain your health and well-being.


  • Supports Healthy Joints & Brain Function
  • Has been known to act as a liver detoxifier 
  • May boost metabolism
  • Aides with depression
  • Has been know to Improve eye health
  • Known to combats Alzheimer’s disease
  • May improve risk factors for heart disease
  • Known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Proprietary and rare Norwegian Cod Liver Oil with an unmatched quality found nowhere else in the world, blended with our Fijian turmeric powder