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Worried about arsenic and other heavy metals in your ginger and turmeric? Fear not with Wakaya Perfection!

by Wendy Rhodes 23 May 2022 0 Comments

Concern has abounded over the dangers of consuming common spices ever since a November 2021 article published in Consumer Reports exposed alarmingly high levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead in many brands. These toxins can lead to heart attacks, kidney failure, brain damage or even death.

Name brands such as McCormick, Spice Island, Costco’s Kirkland brand, Walmart’s Great Value brand and Whole Foods’ 365 brand were among companies that sold either turmeric, ginger or both containing levels of heavy metals high enough to raise concerns, the article reported. 

No doubt, it’s scary stuff. 

But the good news is, Wakaya Perfection is here, and we offer some of the safest spices and supplements on the market today! How do we do it? 

The secret is in our soil. Our Fijian and Nicaraguan ginger and turmeric are grown exclusively in virgin, volcanic soil from non-GMO heirloom seeds. Virgin soil is a step above organic — it means the soil has never before been cultivated. That means the land has never been exposed to chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and the topsoil has never been artificially replenished. 

And the pristine, nutrient-rich volcanic soil in which our crops are grown results in ginger and turmeric with high levels of gingerols and curcumin — their active healing ingredients. That means you not only get the best tasting powders, you get the healthiest, highest potency ginger and turmeric on earth.

To take our commitment to your health one step further, we irrigate our crops with nothing but pure rainwater! That means no dirty river water, no contaminated pipelines and no reclaimed water ever touches your food. 

And for your added safety, Wakaya Perfection conducts independent testing of all of our products to ensure their potency and to make certain you are not exposed to high levels of heavy metals. 

Wakaya Perfection: Pure. Potent. Perfect. Imported from where you'd rather be. Try our full line of ginger, turmeric and kava products today!

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